“In Katlego’s life, only two forces dominate, Love & the struggle for Greatness. In his mind, you can rest assured that only two streams of thought nourish all others that flow endlessly, Photography and Art”.

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I first met Katlego in a taxi when sitting behind me he tapped my shoulder and asked: “what book are you reading”. It turned out that we were both getting off at the same stop near the Maboneng precinct (where I worked at the time), so my interest was a little piqued by his brazen confidence. When we got off and began walking, he began talking about how he’d quit his job a few months earlier and with his life’s savings bought himself the Nikon D3200 wrapped around his wrist. I thought he was a little crazy, and he hasn’t changed my mind since.



The morning after the night before.

© Katlego Tshuma | The morning after the night before | Everyday Street Scenes (Tembisa)



The Cycle of Life - I take her n these afternoon walks daily in order to get her to sleep, I am afraid that these are the only moments she will remember me by.
© Katlego Tshuma | The Circle Of Life | Everyday Street Scenes (Tembisa)


We now live in Johannesburg and he is still taking images, with his work taking many fluid forms with each shot. His earliest work began as an attempt to build a sacred relationship with the camera and from this came Every Day Street Scenes. Here K explored the many crevices and unique scenes of his hometown– Tembisa and produced a bold body of work that showcased raw talent being cultivated. He is currently working on Joburg In Motion which is his first thought-out project on a visual narrative of Johannesburg and its haphazardness.


© Katlego Tshuma | Joburg In Motion: A Visual Encounter With The City



©Katlego Tshuma | Joburg In Motion: A Visual Encounter With The City
©Katlego Tshuma | Joburg In Motion: A Visual Encounter With The City



His insatiable thirst for knowledge and desire to grow artistically has spurred him to study Art Direction with the AAA School Of Advertising as he explores his own personal aesthetic. K’s work draws not only from photography alone but the Arts as an all-encompassing expression of self and life. The camera has become his light, with which he draws and brings to life’s truths and realities that cannot be articulated by words alone.



I have witnessed K grapple with ideas and refine his craft and I continue to witness him take photographs and create work he envisions will speak to artists and common man alike. Shots011 is an effort to bring order to the chaos and move him closer to becoming a better photographer through a deeper and richer understanding of the medium and why he– and all other great photographers that came before him– take images and how these images shape life as we know it.



This is a journey he admits cannot be ventured into alone, so explore, share and venture it with him!



Ericsson South Africa: Creativity and the Modern Professional

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