Everyday street scenes (Tembisa) by Katlego Tshuma

This is a body of work I created within the first year of purchasing my camera. It shows me crawling through the exploration and understanding of the medium. It is by no way a well thought out project, but a collection of what I thought are my best images in an arrangement that I believe offers a view of my personal vision of the township I lived in.


My camera (a nikon d3200) allowed me a look into the world, slow it down, move it faster, zooming in zooming out, it presented me with a puzzle and now the a camera in hand, piecing it together. I shot almost daily, time was plentiful after quitting my customer service job at the airport to pursue this creative output, days in the township move slow, when you don’t have anything else to do, the sun is the only thing that keeps you conscious of time, as you move around chasing shadows to keep you safe from its scotching clutches. And I moved with it, often in long stretches of meditative walks alone, observing what the township did on the daily as if witnessing its persona for the first time, recording moments I would never recall again unless I captured through the lens. Not everything came out fine, or as I had seen the images, overexposed,  underexposed, wrong camera settings, and fighting the urge to just shoot in auto. Learning is a repetitive process, art is cumulative, practice, practice, shoot and shoot more, at least that what was what I was learning from all the “amateur” photography sites and blogs, flooding with quotes like; “your first 10 000 images are your worst” – Henri Cartier-Bresson, I soldiered on. And this is what you see here presented for you to enjoy.


Welcome to my world, and the world, or at least how I see it. 🙂


The Cycle of Life - I take her n these afternoon walks daily in order to get her to sleep, I am afraid that these are the only moments she will remember me by.



smile, laugh, half a nose






Some are headed for work, school for some, a day out for the other. This man leads them to their ques as they reached for their dreams.



4-the pain of survival



Through these hands I am fed, the crevices and cracks show the work that i have put in.






Retrospect and Reflect - The future what does it hold for us? I don't know...



A smile cast shadow - Innocence, what more is there to say?



Dismembered body of a doll on the outer skirts of the township. It belonged to someone at some point, friends they were.



From this fire filled dust our dreams arise, maybe one day e can become professional soccer players.



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  1. Kgomotso said:

    Nice work

    5th September 2016
  2. Mathabo said:

    Beautiful. I’m inspired

    5th September 2016

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