2014-2015 by Matthew Bradley

2014-2015 by Matthew Bradley the artist’s recent photographic work. In this body of work he looks to his immediate environments and regular encounters for inspiration. Critically engaging with his surroundings he strips objects and situations of their context, attempting to re-imagine them, allowing them to take on a new meaning. Focusing on the collective rather than the singular he alternates between constructing images physically then photographing them, or editing them later in Photoshop. These edits are in some cases, intentionally subtle, and in others more blatant, interspersed with unedited images. When read in succession these photographs begin to interact with each other, affecting the viewer’s perception of the following image, based on its predecessor. The purpose of this collection is for the viewer to begin to question the authenticity of each image that is presented to them, not accepting the final photograph as truth. The viewer is equally encouraged to question their own environments, picking them apart and reconstructing them to create new narratives within these immediate spaces.


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